About Us

An Introduction to our Rector

My wife and I moved to the Trelawny Benefice, along with Bluebelle our black lab early February 2021 before my Installation on 24th a month under thirty years since I was first ordained.

I met Harriet some thirty-four years ago while she was at college in Exmouth and knew I was on to a very good thing and married her six months later at Christ Church Exmouth. We have three children. Josh who teaches at Blundells in the junior department, including games and his fiancé Ana who is a community physio on Exmoor. 

Vision of the Benefice

Since the Benefice of Trelawny came into being as recently as 13th February 2018, steady progress has been made towards unity and co-operation between our Parishes although each retains its particular character and traditions. At the same time, the Parishes continue to look at new ways of working better together in spiritual development and church management and a growing sense of fellowship across the Parish boundaries is developing.