Vision of the Benefice

Since the Benefice of Trelawny came into being as recently as 13th February 2018, steady progress has been made towards unity and co-operation between our Parishes although each retains its particular character and traditions. At the same time, the Parishes continue to look at new ways of working better together in spiritual development and church management and a growing sense of fellowship across the Parish boundaries is developing.

Much of this website describes the current situations in our five Parishes. Our vision for the Benefice going forward is as follows.

  • We are committed to share the love of Jesus Christ with our communities through word and action and are working towards a closer sense of unity as a newly constituted Benefice.
  • We are committed to making our churches more accessible to the wider community. Our church doors are always open, and we warmly welcome visitors be they walkers or holiday makers both young and old.
  • There is a strong tradition and love of music and singing within the Benefice. We believe that music can often speak louder than words in bringing people together in the service of the Lord both in church and in the wider community.
  • Under the guidance of Rev Richard, we continue to build on the close relationships already existing with our local communities and improve our ecumenical relationships.
  •  We want to encourage and enable all ages to worship with us and be inclusive. Our church communities are very active in leading initiatives such as Messy Church, Open the Book, Sing a New Song, Kidz Club, Youth Club and Holiday Club to name but a few.
  • We want to continue the work of the church in our local schools and are dedicated to working with and nurturing close relationships with them.
  • Through bonding together more closely as a Benefice, we can benefit from greater support on our spiritual journeys and learning about our faith.